About New Era/e-dr. -
Is New Era/e-dr. an Authorized Contact Lens Distributor?
Yes, New Era Optical and e-dr. are Authorized by and honor all programs & policies of Alcon, Bausch + Lomb, Coopervision, Johnson+Johnson, Menicon, Unity & Extreme H2O.

Will mfr. sales reps receive credit for purchases I make through New Era/e-dr.?
Yes, all sales reps receive credit for all purchases you make through New Era/e-dr.

Using the website
How can I get help using the New Era/e-dr. website?
We’re here to help. Use our Live Chat feature on our home page or schedule a free site orientation at (800) 540-0337.

I forgot my user name and password. What should I do?
Just click here password@e-dr.com and we'll e-mail your user name and password to you.

Is my account information totally secure with New Era/e-dr.?
We understand the absolute necessity of protecting the personal privacy and business information of our customers. All data is protected with state-of-the-art encryption technology, including a "Secured Socket Layer" (SSL). This is the same safeguard used by major credit card companies.

Who will have access to my patient and purchasing information?
Since the system is safeguarded with encryption technology, your account can only be accessed by someone who has your password.

What information is available for my review?
As you make purchases through New Era/e-dr., you will be building your PHD (Purchase History Database). PHD allows you to monitor your current month's purchases or check any purchase you made in the last 36 months. You can also access any patient's previous order. This makes it simple to reorder or check on an invoice.

Placing orders
How do I know if my order has been received?
After you place an order, you will receive an e-mail confirmation within minutes. You can also check PHD (Purchase History Database), access the appropriate order and check status.

What if I lose my Internet connection during ordering?
Don't worry. Our system is set up to read your order as it is being placed. Just log back on and check your current order; you will be able to add to it as if you were never disconnected.

How do I know if all the products I am ordering are in stock?
Backorders will be acknowledged in the shopping cart or through e-mail. Status can also be checked through PHD (Purchase History Database). If an item is backordered, no action is required from you. The item will be delivered when it becomes available.

Can my patients order through New Era/e-dr.?
New Era/e-dr. is for eyecare professionals only. We do offer My Contact LenStore, a feature that allows you to add e-commerce to your existing website. Your patients can reorder their replacement Contact Lenses directly from you. For more information on My Contact LenStore, contact Member Services.

Can I ship lenses directly to a patient?
Yes. Just select the patient button on the shipping section of the ordering page. Most annual supplies plus many semi-annual supplies ship free to patient. See site for details.

What if I want to order a product that's not listed on the site?
We cannot guarantee the item can be added, but we will research the possibility. Please contact Member Services.

What if I have a technical question regarding a particular product I am ordering?
To answer technical questions about a product, you should contact the manufacturer or supplier directly.

How will shipping be charged if I place multiple orders during the day?
All in-stock orders are shipped same day if received by 4 p.m.(EST). Shipping charges are incurred when the "Finalize Order" button is clicked. If you anticipate ordering throughout the day, simply click "Submit Later." The New Era/e-dr. system will retain your order until you are ready to finalize, thereby eliminating additional shipping fees.

What are the payment options for purchases made on my New Era/e-dr. account?
You may choose from two payment options: direct billing or credit card.

Direct billing: You will be billed directly by New Era Optical/New Era/e-dr. You will receive an invoice by the sixth of each month with payment due by the 20th.
Credit card: You must fill out and submit the credit card authorization form on the my New Era/e-dr. page to activate your account for credit card purchases. Once authorization has been established, you may enter your credit card number in the special window on the shopping cart page. Charges will be made to the credit card two business days after the order has been placed.

How do I return an item?
Please see our returns page for details on our policies and procedures. We follow all manufacturers' return policies. For defective lenses, contact your mfr. rep.